Prescription Safety Glasses: Ensuring Compliance with Employee Needs

02/22/2023 – Bangor, PA: A full safety program will ensure that your employees are safe. No matter the type of chemical or physical hazards that your employees will face, they will all need to wear protective eyewear.

You have more choices than ever before as a safety manager when it comes time to choose eyewear protection. There are many options available, from the classic safety goggles and the trendy ones in various colors.

Eye injuries can occur if everyone does not wear eye protection.

  • Eye Burning
  • Eyescratches
  • Irritation
  • Temporary blindness
  • Permanent blindness
  • Loss of one or both eye

Imagine the amount of medical bills that could accumulate if someone suffered from an eye injury, no matter how minor. The productivity of employees will also suffer because they will be forced to take time off work while recovering from an eye injury.

Financially, the impact is even more severe because you’ll have to pay for medical treatment, you’ll have to increase your insurance, and you may have to deal with legal issues. It is important to develop a program for safety eyewear that provides all workers the safety eyewear needed to perform their jobs efficiently and effectively.

What could cause eye injuries?

You need to be aware of the hazards you encounter every day in order to select the right eyewear for your program. Are things thrown around frequently? Are you prone to eye irritation from dirt, debris and chemicals? You will be better able to select the right eyewear for your employees when you have all this information.

The daily exposure of employees to hazards is high. These hazards can be reduced by wearing helmets and face shields. Safety glasses are essential for the safety and health of employees. Many employees refuse to wear safety glasses even when they are required to do so by policy. What are the main reasons that some employees choose not to wear safety glasses?

Below are some of the most common reasons.

  • Safety glasses that do not fit correctly
  • Safety glasses can be uncomfortable for many employees
  • The glasses make it difficult for employees to see clearly
  • Glasses that fog up can be a nuisance to employees

This problem is common, especially when the glasses have poor quality or were not designed with the employee’s eyesight in mind. Safety glasses are required for employees who need to wear glasses with prescription. The glasses must take into account the employee’s eyesight. This can cause nausea, headaches and fatigue.

What can you do to encourage your employees to wear their Safety Glasses at work?

What’s in the Policy?

Protective Equipment Policies aim to reduce workplace hazards and risks. When policies are not enforced, confusion and frustration can occur. Some employees may adopt the mentality that “if someone else isn’t following the policy then why should I?” This mindset can lead to many workplace problems because employees will not adhere to precautions.

Preference for Eyewear

There are a few things to think about when it comes to choosing eyewear. Do you prefer safety glasses to look like regular glasses? You may want to choose eyeglasses with a minimal amount of protection, or you might prefer glasses that are impact-resistant. These glasses can wrap around your head and offer more protection, as they are placed securely.

We know that people are conscious of their appearance and that other people are also aware. People will still want to look good, even when they are working. Choose different styles and lenses for safety goggles or glasses so that everyone can wear them.

There will be something to suit everyone, so your employees won’t have to worry. For those who do not want to wear safety glasses on top of their prescription eyeglasses, there is prescription eyewear. It can be dangerous to wear safety glasses with prescription eyeglasses.

All of your employees will appreciate the benefits when prescription eyewear is made correctly. The safety glasses will improve your employees’ vision and make them feel more comfortable. No longer will you have to worry that everyone is taking their glasses off in frustration. The glasses will be kept on until the time comes to leave the office.

We know that finding the right safety eyewear for your program can be difficult, but we are confident we can assist you. Contact us today. 

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