BENYWOODS—Glasses, also a journey of life.

BENYWOODS, a brand designed in German, operates products including glasses, handbags, travel goods, small leather goods, accessories, ready-to-wear and personal customized services.

In the early days, German craftsman Bartholomew ran a handmade custom shop, and his wife Benywoods’ clothing, bags, glasses, accessories, etc. were all made by Bartholomew. One of her favorites is a pair of hand-made custom frames that Bartholomew made for her. The frames are exquisite in workmanship and extremely comfortable. They also engraved the name of his wife Benywoods on the temples, so they are also named BENYWOODS.Because of Bartholomew’s superb craftsmanship and the high comfort of wearing glasses, soon everyone knew about this store, and many royal aristocrats and fashionable customers from the upper class flocked to it. Gradually, Bartholomew began to create exclusive personal custom glasses only . A series of operations such as customer identity screening, customer demand analysis, and tailor-made solutions are both rigorous and well done for the privacy of customers’ information, in addition engrave your name displayed on the glasses. It takes 3-8 months to create a pair of pure hand-made frames, because the time is long, the content is detailed, the test of the craftsmanship is also extremely high, so the price ranges from tens to hundreds thousands. In the mean time, Bartholomew has become glasses expert trusted by everyone. Therefore the BENYWOODS brand was also born.

After ten years past , Bartholomew has four branches in Germany, managed by four sons. During the same period, the brand products business also began to expand, not only the production of traditional custom glasses, but also handbags, travel supplies, small leather goods, accessories, ready-to-wear, etc., but there is no change for that all these products are custom-made . Many stars also deliberately went to Germany to customize glasses. As a designer brand, BENYWOODS is based on the concept of creating handmade customized products in a down-to-earth manner, and does not spend much energy on advertising, so there are not many people who know the BENYWOODS brand, and it is more based on word of mouth, most of them are upper class guests.

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In 2016, the BENYWOODS brand found a partner in the Asia-Pacific region through layers of screening and officially settled in China. The products sold are mainly men’s driving glasses. The general positioning price is between one to two thousand, which is relatively close to the people. The factories in China are all followed the German production process, imported materials, and are produced by designated. The product quality follows the strict standards of the German headquarters. Some of the brand-specific private customization has also been carried over, and the service of lettering on the frame is still retained.


Since the founder of the brand Bartholomew and his wife Benywoods passed away. In order to commemorate them, the descendants updated the brand logo, inspired by the abbreviation BW of BENYWOODS, in another angle “BB” is also the initials of the full name of the founder of the brand Bartholomew and his wife Benywoods . Since then, BW has become a symbol of BENYWOODS glasses.


In order to offer a better shopping experience for customers, the style of the brand store is consistent and unified, including the packaging is also in the form of a gift box. BENYWOODS hopes that you can feel the intentions and surprises of brand. BENYWOODS brand sunglasses and optical glasses use innovative science and technology, classic and high-end collision design, creating a sense of business avant-garde.

Advertising slogan: Drive your story. (Chinese translation is “opening a new chapter in life”)

 Public Welfare: In 2021, BENYWOODS cooperated with Chinese mask and hand sanitizer antibacterial gel suppliers to release an initiative on epidemic prevention equipment. It is planned to provide 100,000 sets of epidemic prevention equipment (KF94 epidemic prevention masks and hand sanitizer antibacterial gel) for free. During the period, it helped many areas with severe epidemics to solve the problem of material shortages. In addition, no matter what region, BENYWOODS’s public welfare plan will never stop, and strive to do its best to help more people in need.

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