Metrics Used to Measure the Performance of a News release

Hong Kong – How do users track news release performance? SEAPRWire team measure the performance of a press release by the following 3 metrics:

1. Coverage and Visibility

Coverage and visibility refer to the publicity users’ news release received. Typical questions answered by coverage and visibility data analytics include:

1), How many news sources picked up my news release?

2), Did any influencers share my news release?

3), Was my news release mainly distributed via print, digital mediums, or both?

4), Did engagement increase via multimedia?

When considering these questions, it’s important to remember that though similar, visibility and actual reads shouldn’t be treated the same.

While visibility measures how visible users’ message is, readership tracks how many people actually read users’ news. Actual readership is clearly more important.

To monitor social media engagement as a part of users’ coverage and visibility analytics, note the following:

Platform – Is users’ news release mainly visible on Twitter or Facebook? Instagram or LinkedIn? Knowing the platform where users’ news is most visible (or, even better, trending) will help when deciding the best social media platform to use to release users’ news. That way, users can save money by privileging some platforms over others.

Influencers – In terms of raising awareness for a news story, few people are as powerful as social media influencers. Influencers can exacerbate readership by promoting users’ news release on their content. Users can also reach out to a specific influencer who has a history of promoting users’ news release whenever users have news to share.

2. Website Traffic

In the world of news releases, traffic’s a good thing. That’s because traffic measures how many people accessed users’ content and website from other sources.

One of the most common ways to measure traffic involves analyzing how many people visited another website, clicked on users’ news release’s link, and were directed to users’ website.

Traffic analytics typically seeks to answer the following questions:

1), Which outside websites brought the most visitors to my website?

2), Are some search engines better than others at driving traffic?

3), Once referral traffic reaches my website, is my site effective at conversion?

Using traffic as a metric to measure the effectiveness of news releases comes with many benefits.

Not only do users get hard data on the number of people who visited users’ website based solely on users’ news release hyperlink, but users also know which types of referral traffic to preface.

To most accurately gauge the effectiveness of users’ news release, monitor referral traffic from the following sources:

Highly-trafficked websites – Highly-trafficked websites are websites that receive tons of visitors. These websites include major news publications and entertainment sources. Distributing users’ news release to one of these websites can thus be a serious boon.

Social media – Monitor social media referral traffic in order to know where to direct users’ attention.

Blogs and forums – From blogs centered on fantasy football to forums diving into fall fashion, the list of blogs and forums is nearly endless. As a result, distributing users’ news release content to popular blogs is beneficial – especially if users’ company markets a product to a niche market.

3. Backlinks and Placements

If coverage and visibility metrics are concerned with how many sources pick up users’ news release, backlinks and placements metrics gauge the reputation of those sources.

This is important because reputation follows reputation: if high-quality sources consistently include hyperlinks to users’ news releases, users’ website’s deemed valuable and ranked higher for SEO purposes.


Similar to inbound traffic metrics, backlink metrics measure the number of links that direct back to users’ website.

In general, the more reputable the source, the more valuable the earned backlink. This in turn allows users to monitor the effectiveness of the news release that led to the backlink.


Placements are another news release metric worth tracking. In short, placements analytics monitor where users’ news release was distributed in more detail.

Backlinks and placements metrics are valuable tools when it comes to understanding how best to reach users’ target audience.

SEAPRWire team uses the industry’s best analytics to help users’ message reach the widest audience possible. Choose SEAPRWire team as users’ news distribution service and feel confident knowing users’ news releases are headed in the right direction.

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