Stampp Releases Unique QR Code App Solution to Help Covid Businesses Recover

SydneyAustralia – Stampp, an Australian startup has launched their new “custom QR code” platform allowing every Australian business affected by COVID 19 the opportunity to drive traffic in store again and generate sales, leveraging QR technology.

Adam Dobson CEO, Stampp

The company makes the announcement following the completion and present soft-launch of their Social, Local, Mobile App “Stampp” for buyers looking for trusted businesses for services they need.

“With people concerned about the spread of viruses now and into the future, “contactless” will be the way forward for businesses, with QR codes playing a big role, “Stampp” is uniquely positioned for this” said Adam Dobson the CEO and Founder of Stampp.

Customers may be worried about touching flyers, brochure’s, menu’s in a restaurant, business cards at reception or loyalty cards at the checkout, all these need to be available so a person can still get the information they want, but without having to touch the item.

QR codes are the missing link that connects consumers to businesses, brands and products effortlessly and easily without any physical contact making it safe for both the buyer and seller of the service.

In Asia, QR Codes are among the most popular technologies implemented and are widely used. According to Juniper Research, by 2022, 5.3 billion QR code coupons will be redeemed by smartphones and 1 billion smartphones will access QR codes.

QR codes never took off in Australia years ago as a user had to download a separate App to scan the QR code. The good news is the technology has now caught up and the scanner is now built into the camera of all the latest smartphones.

Users simply point the camera of their phone at the QR code and all the details of that business automatically appear for them to save that business in their phone and share with friends via the Stampp App.

Stampp’s unique QR solution now allows every Australian business the opportunity to embrace this technology at the click of a button with their own unique custom QR code and branding delivered in minutes including shop front stickers and flyers delivered anywhere in Australia in days.

With Stampp all the details about a business including, Map, Phone, Email, Social Channels, Website, Feedback, Deals and Offers etc, are all in one central place in the users phone categorized by business type so a user never forgets a business and can easy recall a share it with friends any time anywhere.

Viewing the online menu of a restaurant or ordering directly to avoid physical contact makes customers feel safe. This is made easy with Stampp. the user simply scans the QR code in store and can access the online menu through the App. Users can also provide direct customer feedback to the business through the App and add private notes against the business, like favourite dishes or a staff members name etc.

One thing we’ve learnt through the Corona virus is that for SME businesses to survive now and into the future, they have to embrace new digital technology. The Stampp platform provides a quick and easy way for SME businesses to do this with their own custom QR code branded stickers they can put on existing physical menu’s, flyers, business cards and any other marketing material that drives customers digital.

Customers now live on their mobile phones, so this is where businesses need to be. If the business is not saved in the customers phone, then it has no leverage and has little chance of the customer ever remembering the business name or returning or sharing the business with friends.

By allowing a business to be saved and categorized in a customer’s phone with Stampp via a simple scan of a QR code, the customer turns into a walking billboard for the business that works 24X7 365 days a year. Friends can easily view the business and the business comes up in search results the moment any Stampp user searches for the service the business offers.

Once a user “Stampp’s” (endorses) a business, it’s automatically saved in their “Stampp’d” public list and available to their trusted friends network to see. If a user wants to try out a business before endorsing it, they can add the business to their private “Wish List” in Stampp.

Stampp is the world’s first “Positive Opinion Only” business recommendations platform meaning users only “Stampp” (endorse) a business if they like it or use it. Negative reviews are not allowed on the platform, if you don’t like a business then you simply don’t Stampp it.

The founder Adam Dobson said, “the idea behind a positive opinion only platform is that the businesses with the most # of “Stampp’s” at any given moment in time, are the most popular businesses at that time. This avoids users having to spend time reading through loads of good and bad reviews to try work out which business is best, with Stampp it’s already done for you.”

Adam Dobson is the CEO and Co- founder of Stampp, an Entrepreneur, SME and Digital media Expert, success in multiple Startup’s in various industries including Technology and Recruitment.

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About Stampp

Stampp ( is a world first positive opinion business recommendations platform integrated with QR technology.

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