Fraternity Brothers Who Have Known Each Other Fifty Years Release New Book

Bob Tierno and Ron Sorter Release Book “Letters in a Helmet: A Story of Fraternity and Brotherhood” and Garnish Five-Star Reviews

New Orleans, LA – November 11, 2019 – Best friends for more than fifty years, Bob Tierno and Ron Sorter have been around the block and have accomplished a great deal in their lives. Most friends would have been happy to keep their memories to themselves, but not these two men. They brainstormed and wrote the book, “Letters in a Helmet: A Story of Fraternity and Brotherhood,” which was published on October 1, 2019 and available on Amazon. “Letters in a Helmet: A Story of Fraternity and Brotherhood” is a sweeping tale of two men, covering five decades of friendship and brotherhood. What elevates this story is a profound, interlocking bond that carries Delta Kappa Epsilon (“Deke”) fraternity brothers, Ron Sorter and Bob Tierno, across a transformative landscape of military service, career transitions, marriages, war wounds, cancer battles, and bereavement. The immaturity of their youthful antics is followed immediately by the accelerated maturity of early adulthood, and later, the accumulation of wisdom as they enter their eighth decade of life. This is an inspiring chronicle of American life, bridging the 20th and 21st centuries with this enduring mantra, “Your brothers are always there for you.”

Since the release of the book, they have received five-star reviews.

“I may be a little biased because I lived in our fraternity house with both great guys, but I thought the book was great. It was two true-life stories intertwined by a great, lifelong friendship that has endured through five decades. Stories of typical, sometimes stupid college antics lived out in a fraternity house, and then real grownup stories of tragedy, triumph, love, and friendship. A real worth-the-read book. Congratulations to Bob and Ron on a job well done.” – Dennis Clowers.

“This book was so spellbinding that I read it in almost one sitting. Having known the author for many, many years, it has never surprised me whatever he accomplishes. But this gave me more insight into the Vietnam War and the lives of the young men who were involved and injured. Also, the importance of friendship and support from brothers. It is so well written and so well-thought-out; I highly recommend it. Many things were shared that I had never known before – it is very personal.” – D. Harris

Tierno and Sorter know what it takes to help others – both have suffered and endured losses. In fact, Tierno was diagnosed with prostate cancer, which he fought head-on resulting in his book, “The Prostate Chronicles – A Medical Memoir: Detours and Decisions Following My Prostate Cancer Diagnosis” which was published May 15, 2019, and also available on Amazon. Tierno said, “Frankly, most books on prostate cancer like this are boring and predictable, with an over-emphasis on the medical aspect. This book is irreverent and, therefore different. It sheds light on my journey and speaks to how relationships matter.” As a result of his journey, Tierno serves as an advocate for people affected by prostate cancer with As their advocate, he moderates a Facebook forum and writes articles relating to his journey with prostate cancer.

As part of their journey, Tierno and Sorter have started a blog, “Bob & Ron – What Really Matters” where they continue their friendship and post articles on a variety of topics dealing with life.

About the Authors

Bob Tierno has been around the block and the cellblock. In his storied career (and there are many stories), he has been a correctional officer, federal prison systems regional manager, Intel automotive marketing manager, field sales engineer, district sales manager, a Bed & Breakfast owner in the Gold Country foothills of the California Sierras, a franchise business coach, and a semi-retired consultant.

Colorado native Ron Sorter relishes the challenges of leadership. In 1970, as a 1st Lieutenant in Vietnam, after eight months in combat, he was severely wounded, losing his right leg. After recovering from those wounds, he’s spent his life making lemonade from lemons. His life is a story of leadership, in the public, private and community sectors.

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