Netflix Boss Defends Censoring Hasan Minhaj Show

The Netflix boss justified his move to censor Hasan Minhaj show by stating that Netflix is not in the News business. This move of Netflix boss came after Saudi Arabia protested against showing Hasan Minhaj shows on Netflix.

The Chief Executive Officer of Netflix Mr. Reed Hastings is standing fast with the decision of the streamer that has been subject of lots of controversies, to pull an episode of Hasan Minhaj, with the title “Patriot Act”. This episode is alleged to be critical of Royal family of Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Reed Hastings told the attendees at the New York Times Dead book Conference, held in New York City on Wednesday that the Netflix is not in the news business. This statement was as per the site Variety.

He further stated that they were not trying to do “Truth to Power”. They plan to accomplish more by being an entertainment streamer and by trying to influence people the way they live. The Netflix does not prefer to become just another News Channel.

Minhaj, an alum of “The Daily Show”, criticized the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad Bin Salman and his alleged involvement in the death of journalist Jamal Khashoogi, in episode of “Patriot Act”. This was debuted last year only. Netflix pulled this episode from its service after receiving a letter from the Saudi government that this episode violated the anti cyber crime law of the country.

The host of this “Patriot Act” addressed to the removal of the episode himself in a February episode. He said that it is not simply censoring one episode of a TV show. It is about the precedent because the tech companies will keep on coming across several vague censorship laws as the tech companies expand in time to come.

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