WIMI will Grow Explosively with the Development of 5G Holographic Communication

WIMI is not only one of the leading providers in holographic advertising service, but also the operator in holographic entertainment in China. As shown in the F1 data of the WIMI published by SEC, the WIMI holographic platform realizes 6.6 billion displays through 2000 tags for 350 million users. In the past two years, WIMI made a total profit of over $23 million, quarterly net profit rose 68% on a year-on-year basis, and a profitable growth space has been opened. With the development of 5G holographic communication, the holographic cloud industry in which WIMI is engaged will grow explosively.


It is reported by the chtone, a financial app, WIMI was founded in 2015, which is a company that entered the VR/AR industry relatively earlier in the country, thus it has a certain first mover advantages. By 2018, the number of WIMI customers was 485, the number of holographic AR patents was 242, the number of holographic AR content was 4654, and the number of software copyright was 147, all of which widened a big gap with that of the second place. * Source: U.S. SEC – FORM F-1, WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc., Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


For the past few years, the application market of face recognition industry has been expanding. In order to obtain better accuracy and quality, the application of facial recognition shows the trend of transition from two-dimensional technology to three-dimensional technology. The reason for this trend is that two-dimensional facial recognition technology is easily affected by posture, light, appearance and other factors, thus reducing the recognition rate. Therefore, WIMI believes that three-dimensional technology will gradually replace three-dimensional facial recognition technology. It plans to provide 3D facial recognition of holographic cloud application service through artificial intelligence based on algorithm. The future plan of WIMI is to meet the needs of potential customers in various industries, such as home, retail, tourism, telecommunications, finance, national security, robotics, education, social media, terminal equipment, business, transportation, intelligent commerce or other potential applications, through the 3D facial recognition of holographic cloud technology.

As shown in IPO prospectus, with the change of bandwidth conditions of 5G holographic communication network, the market of 5G holographic application will be ushered in the explosive way, such high-end applications as holographic interactive entertainment, holographic conference and holographic press conference will gradually popularize to the direction of holographic social contace, holographic communication, holographic navigation, holographic home applications and so on. Based on such core technology as holographic AI face recognition technology and holographic AI DeepFake technology, WIMI plans to support holographic cloud platform service and 5G communication holographic application with a number of innovative systems.


As shown in the IPO prospectus of WIMI that the services of WIMI will be deeply combined with 5G. Under the cooperation of 5G with high rate and low delay, it makes the average transmission delay is about 6ms in terms of remote communication, data transmission as well as from system terminal to service server, which is much lower than 4G network transmission delay. It trully ensures the richness and diversity of holographic AR remote communication and data transmission without stuttering and low delay, and the richness and diversity of interaction in term of multi-terminal cooperation in different places. It makes the collaboration of port plus cloud more efficient. Based on 5G+AI face recognition technology and holographic AI DeepFake technology, the application of the enhanced mobile broadband (EMBB) and Internet of things (IOT) has made plenty of holographic services of the WIMI to be achieved with effective growth, such as holographic AR advertising business, holographic AR entertainment business, holographic interactive entertainment, holographic conference, holographic social contact, holographic communication, holographic home hologram and so on.


* Source: U.S. SEC – FORM F-1, WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc., Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


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