Streams Is Launching Its Mobile APP

This APP provides one of the easiest and most effective ways to lend digital assets

SAN FRANCISCO, CA , May 31, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – Streams ( is an easy to use mobile app, secured by Ethereum, that protects traditional investors from inflation while they earn passive income from their digital assets.

Founded in 2021 by Kieran Daniels (CEO) and Dziugas Butkus (CTO); Streams previously raised $1.3m in pre-seed funding and has just announced their highly anticipated private beta.

The mobile app is launching in Summer 2022, but you can get early access now by joining the waitlist at


Where Does the Yield Come From?

Unlike centralized products, such as Anchor Protocol or $UST – Streams is 100% non-custodial and secured by Ethereum. This means that each user personally controls their assets and does not rely on trusting a third party with their money. 

Streams is also utilizing the decentralized scaling solution Polygon to eliminate high gas fees, which are often a major blocker for new users. 

“Most people are ready to use Ethereum and start earning passive income, but they don’t understand the risks or how to take their first steps. We are excited about Streams, because now there’s a way for everyday users to earn passive income without relying on sketchy third-parties.” – Kieran Daniels ( ), Co-founder & CEO of Streams.

Streams is built on Ethereum which is a decentralized network and the backend is powered by Idle Finance (DeFi Protocol); Gnosis Safe (Multisig Wallet); Polygon Network (Layer 2 Aggregator); and Wyre (Fiat On-ramp). 

The combination of these powerful products has created a delightful onboarding experience for beginners while also providing a secure, non-custodial platform to store their funds while earning passive income. 

Kieran goes on to say, Streams is not a get rich quick” product – we are focused on helping users generate yield from decentralized sources such as Aave, Idle Finance, and other collateral-backed protocols. We built this product to perform the best in both a bull market or a market downturn.”

Finally, to address the difficulties most users have when first using blockchain products, Streams has focused on creating a fondly familiar FinTech onboarding experience, with a focus on beginner education and risk assessment.

What is Next? 

The team recently announced their private beta and $50,000 launch giveaway at the Blockworks / Bankless conference, Permissionless 2022 – with a public release planned for this Summer. 

There is currently a waitlist to join the beta, but you can sign-up for early access and a chance to win up to $50,000 in prizes at


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