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Controversy over a Korean company revealing that they will present a “gift only for the Japanese”

In October 2018, the Supreme Court of Korea ruled against Nippon Steel regarding compensation for four victims of forced conscription during the Japanese colonial rule at 100 million won each, a total of 400 million won. This is 35.8 million yen, and the Japanese government regulated the import of key semiconductor components from Korea in

Seamless Access To Property Mortgage & Working Capital Loans: The Dawn Of Rapid Growth For Singapore’s SMEs

Avant Consulting Creates A Viable Opportunity for SMEs in Singapore to Enjoy a Steady Cash Flow for their Businesses Singapore – September 21, 2020 – Over the years, access to SME Business Term Loans & Corporate Loan Financing for SMEs has remained a thorn in the side for entrepreneurs in Singapore.  Endless negotiations for the Votes Yebo “Best Highroller Casino 2020”

September 01, 2020, Johannesburg, South Africa (Press Release) – South Africa’s premier online casino guide;, has voted Yebo Casino the “Best Highroller Casino 2020”. When choosing Yebo Casino for this coveted award, considered several criteria, including: betting limits, exclusive bonuses & promotions, cash prizes, personal VIP host & hassle-free banking methods – all

VGFM Increases Deposit with Digital Bank DB3

VG Fund Management (VGFM) has announced its intention to deposit an additional sum of $200 million into DB3 Bank, following their initial deposit of $300 Million in August, thus bringing their total deposit amount to $500 Million in just one month. This is VGFM’s second investment tranche for their “VG Precious Metals and Crypto Fund”

Blockchain game platform, the indisputable No. 1 player in the global Game Dapp market, an EOS-based blockchain game platform by FL Entertainment, tops global Dapp market. According to the official global Dapp market analysis sites, Dapp Review and Dapp Radar, Felix ranked number 1 in global Dapp market within two months after its launch in February. Although Dice and Bluebet rank 2nd and 3rd respectively but the gap

Pre-launch filled within days after commodities arbitrage was introduced by this firm

New York, USA — Prance Gold Holdings is an automated arbitrage trading platform that uses digital assets to grow profits. Now, the company is adding commodities to their trading platform. This newest addition will provide more opportunities for investors to grow their assets and portfolio. Commodities are tradable assets that include precious metals, energy, and

Retracing the Decade of Bitcoin , MTC Reconstructs Blockchain for Large-Scale Traffic Commercial Landing

As we all know, traffic is the value-added asset of a business or a company, and is an important indicator of economic productivity. Traffic is also an essential element for the development of blockchain, and is the value center of blockchain business restructuring. Not only is the incremental flow of blockchain traffic unsuccessful, but also